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The Free MACD Divergence videos below will give you a complete understanding of why MACD divergence trading works.

Andy Skinner
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MACD Divergence Videos and scanner

MACD Videos
MACD Forex and Stock Screener Chart Patterns Lesson 1 MACD Explained
This video is an excellent graphic explanation of how the MACD line is created and used. Anyone who takes the time to watch this video will have a unique understanding going beyond the simple formula in the books.

MACD Forex and Stock Screener Chart Patterns Lesson 2 MACD Divergence Explained
This video explains MACD divergence and why it works. The market psychology of MACD divergence is explained. Do you really know why MACD divergence works? This video will make you an expert.

Elliott Wave and MACD Work Together
Introduction to Elliot Wave
This video will explain Elliott Wave patterns in very simple terms. After you have seen this video you will easily recognize Elliott Wave patterns on charts and have the basic understanding to watch the next video that shows you how to use MACD with the Elliott Wave C pattern.

Elliott Wave C and MACD Divergence Trading Compared
Elliott Wave C and MACD Divergence Trading is the same trading setup. How to use both to master the trading system.

The MACD Price Threshold Line
The MACD Price Threshold Line
The MACD Price Threshold line was developed by Andy Skinner for the Chart Pattern Recognition Forex and Stock Screener in 2001. This video, recorded by Andy, explains how you can get a look into the future of the MACD line. For MACD traders it is like turning on the lights in your car. The video will show you exactly when to enter a trade using the MACD line. You will be able to place your order on the day the MACD line is pointed down and be in the trade the first day the MACD has turned up. There is no need to wait for the MACD signal line to be crossed. This is too late to enter the trade. For W Bottom traders this will show you how to enter the trade before the W is complete.

MACD Divergence and Early W Bottoms and Tops Alerts in RT-Alerts
MACD Divergence Scan and Alerts
This video is a must see for MACD and W Bottom traders.  It will show you how to find and measure all MACD divergences and even early forming W Bottoms and Tops.  It will also introduce you to the MACD Divergence Index.  This is a way to see multiple MACD divergences for many different MACD settings (time frames) at the same time.

Early Forming W Bottoms and M Tops Scan in the Ramp Program
MACD-Divergence-Early-W-Bottoms-and-M-Tops This scan uses MACD divergence and Pattern Recognition to find Bullish and or Bearish W Bottoms and M Tops that have not yet formed their last leg.  This provides a very early and safe entry to the trade.

MACD Divergent Early W Bottom and M Top Scan Training Video

MACD Price Threshold Line for Early W Bottoms in the Ramp Program
MACD-Price-Threshold-Line-for-Early-W-Bottoms This video shows you how to use the MACD Price Threshold Line (MPT) to show you a few days in advance where a MACD line will turn up or down.  For MACD traders, the MACD Price Threshold Line is like having headlights on your car.  It will give you a look into the future that no other MACD traders have.


MACD Divergence Scan in the Ramp Program
MACD Divergence Scan
The MACD Divergence Scan will find Bullish and Bearish MACD Divergences on any time frame or MACD setting you choose.  The divergences are clearly show on the charts and the top of each chart shows you a percentage difference between the last price and the last MACD value.  This is an excellent measure of the extent of divergence.

MACD Divergence Scan Training Video

MACD Divergence Index MDI in the Ramp Program
The MACD Divergence Index is a percentage of many MACD settings or time frames that are showing MACD divergence at the same time.  As an example if 50 of the 50 MACDs checked are showing divergences this would be an MDI of 100%.  Use this scan to find charts with MACD  divergences happening simultaneously on many MACD setting or time frames.

MACD-Divergence-Index-MDI Scan Training Video

Bullish and Bearish Upper Time Frame Scans
Most MACD Divergence traders don't want to trade against an upper time frame. As an example, a daily bar MACD Divergence trader will check the weekly and monthly charts to be sure there is not a strong divergence in the opposite direction.  This scan will allow you to scan the upper time frames for acceptable charts before you do your MACD scan on your favorite time frame.


BobChart MACD Scans     and      Setting Your MACD Settings
BobChart MACD Divergence Scan BobCharts show the current support and resistance lines on any symbol or list of symbols.  This scan is a filter you can set so that only BobCharts with divergent MACDs will be displayed.  This way you can quickly find divergent MACDs on support or resistance lines.


Early W Bottom MACD Divergence Back Testing Results
Erly W Bottom MACD Divergence Back Test Results Early W Bottom MACD Divergence Back Testing Results

This video shows the results of back testing the Early W Bottom MACD Divergence trade setups.  307 trades over the past year were used.  The video shows statistically how well the system works.

Early W Bottom MACD Divergence Back Testing Results Video

To do MACD Divergence Scanning on real time Forex data go to the MQ4 Expert Advisor Download For MetaTrader MT4.

For Real time chart pattern alerts go to Forex, ETF and US Stock Real Time Intraday Chart Pattern Alerts from Todays Stock Market

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